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Only this season, we offer a discounted price of $19.95 for a certified and notarized translation from Russian and Ukrainian to English for the USCIS and NVC purposes of official documents issued in Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet Union Republics: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, police statements, and passports. Short turnaround time: less than 48 hours! Email us your documents - [email protected]

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Certified Russian Translation

Russian Translation Pros provides certified and notarized translations of official documents when an authorized translation is needed for submission to Russian embassy and consulates, American universities and U.S. government departments and agencies, including USCIS and NVC (National Visa Center).

Russian certified translation refers to the translation of any foreign document between Russian and English by a professional and experienced translator with a college degree in linguistics (and/or an American Translators Association certification) who guarantees that he or she has the skills in both languages to translate the document, and the translation is an accurate and complete reproduction of the original document's text (verbatim translation). Certified document translation, in almost all circumstances, is legally recognized - meaning government agencies, courts of law and higher education institutions view the translated paper as if it were the original.

Out team of certified translators has served countless people who have needed vital records and certificates translated for important personal and legal reasons. From U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements to higher education, US Courts and other institutions, Russian Translation Pros knows that each certified translation we produce helps someone achieve US citizenship, attend college or university, or gain access to proper healthcare.

Here are the reasons why people rely on us for their Certified Translations:

  • Our low, affordable rates
  • Our translations are 100% accepted by government agencies and institutions (USCIS, NVC, higher education, local, state and federal agencies)
  • Fast turnaround time - typically one or two working days
  • Professional expert translators who provide unmatched quality in the translation industry
  • Our translations meet USCIS standards for certification and come with an Affidavit of translation and US Notary stamp
  • Contextual accuracy with the topic of the translated material: legal, medical, technical, etc.

We translate the documents listed below from Russian to English and English to Russian:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • Archive Note
  • Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate
  • College, University Diploma and Transcript
  • Divorce Certificate, Driver's License
  • High School Certificate
  • Immigration and Naturalization Papers
  • Medical and Immunization (Vaccination) Record
  • Name Change Certificate, Passport, Police Clearance
  • Prenuptial Agreement, Power of Attorney
  • ...and other official and legal documents

Certified Translation Process

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