Russian Phone Translation

After the COVID-19 pandemic, our clients switched to safer means of communication, such as audio and video calls.

By choosing our professional Russian phone translation service, you will have access to your own personal phone translator who can be ready at a moment's notice. This gives you seamless ability to communicate effectively with foreign friends and business associates anytime and anywhere. Phone interpretation is a valuable service that can help bridge the language barrier between customers and businesses.

You no longer need to hire an interpreter to come to your home or business for a minimum number of hours. Inviting an onsite interpreter to your office and paying for a minimum number of hours for interpretation, especially if you only need translation services for a brief period of time, simply wastes your time and money.

We translate over Zoom, WhatsApp, and Viber, too!

All you have to do is just add our qualified Russian interpreter to your Zoom webinar, Whatsapp meeting, or casual family conversation over Viber.

One phone call is all it takes to get the translation you need - quickly, accurately, and affordably.

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Phone Translation Process

The process of using Russian phone interpretation services is simple yet effective: one party speaks in English while the other speaks in Russian; an interpreter then translates both sides of the conversation so everyone understands what’s being said. This allows for a smooth exchange between two people who don’t share a common language – eliminating any potential misunderstandings or confusion due to translation issues. Additionally, these services are available 24/7 which makes them extremely convenient when dealing with urgent matters that require immediate attention from both parties involved.

In other words, the process of translating a phone call or conference call is quite similar to that of consecutive interpretation. In fact, phone translation is becoming a popular alternative to interpreting during personal meetings. Not only do phone translations save time and money, but they also allow for greater access - especially when it is difficult to get an entire group together in one place at the same time to discuss business dealings. All that is required to participate in a translated phone call or conference call is a phone and/or internet service.

Telephone translation services are extensively utilized by government and healthcare agencies, as well as other social and civic organizations, to ensure that all people - regardless of their native language - have access to necessary services and resources that guarantee a certain level and quality of life.

Wherever you are located globally, our Russian-English phone translators are ready to provide reliable and accurate interpretation services for your critical phone and conference calls.

Languages we Translate

Our professional translators can facilitate phone calls between English, Russian, and Ukrainian by providing expert translations. Additionally, we are able to accommodate phone translations in other languages upon special request.

How to Order

To best accommodate your needs, we recommend that you place your request at least one day prior to the scheduled phone call. Please take into consideration any time differences between countries. For instance, there is an 8-9 hour time difference between Chicago and Moscow or St. Petersburg, depending on the time of year.

Our Russian translators are very flexible and can work from 7 am until 12 am EST Monday through Sunday.

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