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Russian Translation Pros welcomes you to our complete range of Russian technical translations. Russian-English technical translation is a specialized translation of technical and complex engineering texts between Russian to English and vice versa. This type of translation is the most effective way for an exchange of technical and scientific information, which needs to be accurately perceived by both Russian and English speakers. Russian translation of technical materials demands a professional approach and extremely high precision in the interpretation of technical terms from one language to the other. There is no room for loose translation of precise terms as even the smallest details matter.

Translation of technical documents is performed by professional translators whose native language is Russian. Translators in our agency are required to have excellent bilingual skills and a degree in linguistics as well as thorough knowledge of a number of technical areas and specialized terminology. Our translators can work through extremely long and complex technical documents to provide accurate translations.

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  • Technical documents which we translate on a daily basis:

    • Manuals and instructions for production equipment
    • User guides for consumer goods
    • Software documentation
    • Science works, research papers
    • Articles for science and engineering journals
    • Science reports
    • Textbooks and educational documents
    • Drafts, diagrams, architectural drawings and charts

Technical translation types

Our specialists have great experience in translation of technical documents in a wide range of technical areas, including: the automotive industry, chemistry, construction, metallurgy, oil and gas industry, textiles, biology, mechanical engineering, geology, physical research, manufacturing, energetics, and electronics.

Throughout their years of experience, our highly qualified technical translation and interpretation professionals have gained great expertise and building their world-class reputation in the international market. We provide our translation to numerous production and sales organizations, industrial groups and private individuals - all with accuracy and integrity. All translations are fulfilled by our technical translations department crew, where language experts operate in concert with bilingual technical specialists.

Our company has worked with many corporate entities such as: Lukoil, Transneft, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Chevron, Gazprom Export, Boeing, and others.

In "The General Direction of Economical and Social Development in the USSR from 1986-1999 and for the years up to 2000", it lays out the continued raising of productivity in all aspects of the National Economy on the basis of technical retooling of production and the further introduction of new equipment and technology, which will simultaneously provide for the improvement of labor conditions and the preservation of the environment. The technical retooling of the mining industry significantly intensified the process of mining exploitation which, in turn, led to an increase in the expulsion of impurities released into the atmosphere. Stricter requirements are needed to precisely measure gas-dust particles in the atmosphere in shaft and open pit mines and to analyze and choose the necessary ways and means to provide a reliable defense against negative influences of technogenic processes on human health. The basic element of the measures mentioned above remains ventilation. For a competent and substantative solution to this problem, it is necessary to delve deeply into the mechanics of the process itself, to discover the fundamental laws of air, dust, and gas dynamics, and to arrive at new methods. During the last decade, Mining Aerology underwent considerable development as a science. However, the complexity of the processes and the complex relationship between input and output values brought about the necessity for new and modern ways of research.

During the last decade, Mathematical Modelling/Simulation was used most frequently, and was considered the most prospective method to solve the complex tasks of mining ventilation. Varying initial and bounding conditions, Mathematical Modelling allows to make quickly and precisely - out of many alternative solutions - the most rational, and under certain circumstances, the most optimal, choice. Today, everyone understands that the level of Mathematical development, and the degree to which we use computer technology, in considerable part, determines the potential of science.


Specifics and the craft of Russian technical translating

Our Russian tech translators work hard to ensure clients get the translated documents they need within the promised timeframe - on-time and error-free. The translators we employ use clear and concise language in their work, to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the documents they produce. Translators who work with us tend to follow these basic rules of good technical translating:

  • they choose words with a clear meaning for an accurate perception by the target reader;
  • translators remove redundancy and avoid needless complexity of the language;
  • they put abbreviations in parentheses to define the unfamiliar;
  • translations are generated to communicate as efficiently as possible;
  • we avoid shortcuts that lead to errors or ambiguity

The philosophy behind our technical translation service

Russian Translation Pros welcomes you as a customer and offers one of the most precise Russian technical translations. We understand that technology and technical terms have made their way into the everyday language of both Russian and English speakers. We want you as our customer to stay ahead of the curve of ever-changing language with our use of timely and up-to-date translations. We help our worldwide clients erase language barriers between them and the people they need to communicate with in order to further their business.

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