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For nearly a decade, Russian Translation Pros has translated a wide variety of medical documents from Russian, Ukrainian and English languages for our customers - who include doctors, medical practices, and patients.

Often, our Russian English medical translation involves distinctly non-uniform vocabulary – making it imperative that we translate in a way that maintains the complete context and intention of the original author.

Translating medical texts, including medical publications and personal medical histories, involves taking documents from one language (for example, Russian) and reproducing them in another language (for example, English) – while maintaining accuracy and important medical context.

The world of medicine is full of definitions, acronyms, and varied regional meanings and definitions. This makes it important that any translations performed are done by linguists who have training in the medical field, and even experience in the profession. Our Russian medical translation experts verify everything – knowing that a complete and correct interpretation will prevent mistakes and ensure accurate diagnoses and treatment of patients.

We provide comprehensive Russian translation of the following medical documents:

  • Clinical research documents (research protocols, pre-clinical trials, clinical research studies, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical documents (medical product files, quality control documents, medical product labels and inserts, presentations of medical products, etc.)
  • Patent language and documentation (patent applications, research, descriptions, infringement tests, agreements, etc.)
  • Documents for medical equipment (technical specifications, descriptions, user guides and manuals, sales presentations, etc.)
  • Medical catalogs, websites related to medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical/diagnostics equipment and tools
  • Reference books and manuals, scientific articles and medical literature, author's papers, dissertations, monographs
  • Educational and procedural aids for doctors and students of medical universities, colleges and teaching hospitals

Pricing is available on our translation rates page, and all prices are base prices only. We can give you an exact price upon receipt of your documents. Due to their technical nature, the price for medical translation is slightly higher than for translations of general subject texts.

Pricing also depends on the following factors:

  • Volume of text involved
  • Target completion date
  • Original and target language of translation
  • Abundance of medical terminology
  • Number of acronyms and abbreviations used
  • Presence of handwritten text, which is very often difficult (or impossible) to read, in certificates and medical records
  • Format of electronic documents (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .dwg., etc.)

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