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Russian Translation Pros is a flat out customer obsessed translation company. Lasting customer relationships and the best value in the translation industry that we deliver are always very important for us. We promise our customers only superior translation and interpretation services. We have served thousands of people. We understand that delighted companies and individual clients not only order our translations again, they spread the word about us to others.

Please see what they have to say about their outstanding experience with us!

I must say I was absolutely enthralled with my translation service of an extremely difficult entertainment contract. Their work is by far the most literal and accurate and the results happen within hours. The turn around time was impeccable to the amount of translation presented. They are defiantly above and beyond other Russian translation services in the States.

Alex Reznik - Movie Actor, TV Show Founder, Los Angeles, California

I have been extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of this company's service. When I first contacted them about certified translations of three Russian documents, I received a response in minutes. Throughout the translation process, the communication was excellent. They obviously care about what they are doing and will work with you to ensure that the translations are accurate and meet your needs. Not only is their service outstanding, but their pricing is also very fair. I have used other translation services, and this was by far the most responsive. I highly recommend them!

Lance B. Payette -Chief Deputy County Attorney, Navajo County, Arizona

Our company is producing a documentary about tank battles for History Television. We returned from a trip to Russia with a large volume of interview footage that needed to be translated into English on a tight deadline. We were fortunate to find Russian Translation Pros. They were easy to work with, and provided a fast, professional service that was just what we needed. I'll definitely be using them again in the future.

Leanne Brennan - Line Producer, Breakthrough Entertainment

I had an incredible experience working with Tim, a translation manager. My company needed our brochures to be translated into Russian language. As a native language speaker, I was very pleased with the works done by Russian Translation Pros. Not only was the quality professionally translated with all possible complicated medical terms, but the service they provided was also very good! Tim was very helpful when it came to fixing and changing things in my medical brochures. I would definitely recommend their services to everyone with either personal or business purposes.

Linh Pham - Customer Service, International, Robinson Pharma, Inc., Santa Ana, CA

Translation Pros is a wonderful company. We had a last-minute rush request for a translation of a Russian legal contract, and Translation Pros was able to deliver the finished product to us before the deadline. The level of customer service I received from Tim was outstanding.

Kathleen H. - Legal Assistant, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, Washington, DC

I recently had an opportunity to work with Russian Translation Pros on some documents my company needed for the US Immigration Service. The documents were in Russian and had to be translated into English and certified. I attempted a local service at first without success (my phone calls were never returned). I searched the web and took a shot at Russian Translation Pros. I was shocked at the prompt response I received to my inquiry. Tim, the gentleman who responded, was very accommodating, very knowledgeable and very professional. The documents were translated within the first 24 hours (and this included the proofing time) and shipped to my attention immediately thereafter. This service provider is now permanently bookmarked in my favorites.
Thanks Russian Translation Pros for great customer service.

Stella in Silicon Valley - California

Can't say enough good things about Russian Translation Pros...they were prompt, courteous, accurate and the results were everything I could hope for.. would highly recommend them to any of my business friends. Thanks.

Richard - WBI, LLC, Los Angeles, CA

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and great work. Everything turned out well. I had all the documentation that I needed. Just in time. Couldn't have done it without you. I've been meaning to message you but I've been very busy and just got back from vacation. Sincerely,

Charlie Olvera - Westerville, OH

Thank you for getting everything translated on such a short notice! I will let you know if consulate will require any more pages translated and will definitely recommend your services to my friends.

Svetlana - Houston, TX

I cannot help but take a few minutes to express my gratitude towards this company's professional excellence, accuracy and accessibility. The person I'd like to thank personally is Timur; his performance regarding an immigration interview was above and beyond anything expected. What a terrific job! I highly recommend them!

Talia Maloum - Crystal Lake, IL

Once I read the stipulation in my wife's residency application forms that all documents written in a foreign language needed to be translated and certified in order to be accepted by the USCIS with her packet, I was immediately at a loss for what we would do about her Russian birth certificate. My first concern was that I wouldn't be able to find a translator in the immediate area where I live and would end up having to take extraordinary measures for the fulfillment of this task.

As it turns out, I was able to find the Russian Translation Pros after only a brief amount of searching online. Any skepticism I had about liability toward our privacy was dissipated by the high marks of acclamation I found in outside sources of customer feedback. Furthermore, the price quoted to me for our request was the most reasonable I had found by comparison to other websites offering similar services. I started interacting with one of their very capable translation managers just this morning. After sending a scan of the original document and paying my fee, I hardly had time to blink before the birth certificate's completed translation came back to me digitally. My wife assured me it was 100% correct after she looked it over, however. Shortly after my final approval was emailed, I received confirmation that the finished and certified product was on its way in the mail this very day. Start to finish, all transactions occurred within a period of 5 hours.

I couldn't have been more impressed by the punctuality of correspondence, pristine quality of work, and personal friendliness I encountered throughout my experience with the Pros. It will undoubtedly be my first recommendation to anyone I come across in the future who needs service like theirs.

Feraeond Foxrunner - Hayward, CA

I have used this Russian Language Service only a few times, but I cannot imagine any other interpreter service being better. That is why I will only use this service and have taken the time and effort to write this.

At first, the staff was very patient and answered all of my questions in detail and very sincerely before I even used any of the services. They were not only sincere, but in a very nice and trusting way and it was a pleasure talking to the staff.

Sure, they are a business that operates for a profit, as well they should. However, they seem to put patience, niceness, and customer service in front of that and, consequently, I truly believe that their method will serve them very well in business in the long term.

Also more importantly, they provide excellent service, they are very fluent in both Russian and English and the nuances in each language and culture, and they feel the messages being sent (spoken and written) and convey them as intended, and then add a thoughtful personal touch to their customers, which is heart felt.

I will always use this service because I am very, very happy with the quality of the organization, the service provided, and the staff I have come in contact with.

Bruce Michelson - Professor of University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, Maryland

I needed an English translation of a website that contained Russian jargon which the free translators could not properly decipher. Not only did translation pros turn around the translation request quickly, and at a reasonable price, but was conscience about providing an accurate translation as well.

Dan Brown

The translation help in authenticating the Russian inscription form of a poor photo of a tiny tag inside this vintage Russian made 1906 cello will go a long way in determining it's actual value as a family heirloom. I couldn't have done this detective work without you. You have been a tremendous help. By the way, I contacted about 4 translators, one company wanted $250 no matter how few words were being translated. No one else bothered to reply besides your company. I am deeply appreciative. Thank you.

Paul Wilson - Winston, OR

Thank you very much for doing a great job on the translation. I am very impressed by how promptly you got back to me and how accurate the translation is. Thank you!

Olga Fedorova

Thank you so much. This worked out so well with you - your immediate reply asking for our business to delivery of the final product as we wanted it and on time.

Renkin & Associates, APLC - San Diego, CA

I wanted to drop you a line and compliment the job that your interpreter did for us. She went out of her way to help out with picking up the client and dropping him off after business concluded - and was a complete consummate professional at all times. I could not have asked for anything to have been done any better in any way.

Rex B. Hildebrand - QA Manager, ZF Marine LLC

I contacted the translation manager from Russian Translation Pros to translate three IT-centric documents which contained various jargon, brand names and acronyms. I was contacted immediately and provided with a quote for my technical documents. The three large documents were translated within a day, professionally presented, keeping all my original templates in place. My queries were answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. A big thanks to Russian-Translation-Pros for a speedy and highly professional service!

Pauline Lapchine - Marketing Manager, Global 360, Inc., Melbourne, Australia

Russian Translation Pros are just that - complete pros! We booked an interpreter for a high profile international client in the energy industry, and the entire process was seamless. They offer excellent customer service, reasonable rates, and our Russian interpreter was on time, personable, and very professional. I would use their service again and recommend it to anyone looking for quality Russian interpreters.

Lynn Jose - Rentech Inc, Los Angeles, CA

Thanks again for your prompt service. When integrating foreign language into a project, it's vital to have accurate translations with time codes at every pause to facilitate editing. Russian Translation Pros did the translations for an hour-long tv show over a weekend, with amazing attention to detail, and did it for a fraction of the cost that other services had quoted. They accommodated our every request, and did so with the utmost professionalism. We will certainly use them again, and recommend them highly to anyone who needs Russian translation and transcription.

Michael Ray Brown - Writer/Story Producer, MorningStar Entertainment

Russian Translation Pros were excellent. They always responded to my e-mails in a timely manner, and the final product is above and beyond what we expected. They not only offered the best rate, but the best service. The next time I need Russian translations, I will without a doubt use Russian Translation Pros.

Genie Moon - ALG Lawyers, Los Angeles, CA

Once again thank you for the excellent individuals that you arranged to provide the interpretation for us. They were a huge asset to this project.

Betsy W. - Director of Human Resources, PBS Coals, Inc., Friedens, PA

I used the services of Russian Translation Pros and I was very satisfied. I used their phone translation and letter translation services. They were able to provide the phone translation in the middle of the night (convenient, because it was a good time to call Europe). Their translation was perfect and made it easy to carry on a good conversation. The letter translation was provided to me within minutes of emailing my letter to them. They are very professional and extremely reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

Erik Stieringer - San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy, La Mesa, California

I am writing you this email to say Thank You so much for your help and support regarding the legal translations. We will keep your contact information for future work. We wish you and your team a great weekend! Very truly yours

Cassia Escudier - FASANO LAW OFFICE, San Francisco, CA

I came across Russian Translation Pros on a google search for Russian Translators. I needed a birth certificate translated from Russian to English for our company's employee. As it turns out when I sent a message I received an immediate response with the information needed on the processing time, fee, and payment arrangements. Translation manager also followed up to make sure the document was translated correctly and waited to receive an answer. The service was timely, correct and I received my document in 1 day. I would definitely recommend this service to others.

Candice M. Roberts - Accenture, Chicago, IL

Our meeting went well and our Russian interpreter was a pleasure to work with. She took the initiative to prepare on her own for the meeting, she was extremely helpful both before, during, and after the meeting, and it was apparent that she genuinely had our best interests at heart.

Shawn Pariaug - Century Distribution, Broward County, Florida

I was very pleased by the translation service of Russian Translation Pros. My document was ready the same day, excellent translation quality was provided. I received an estimate of the price within 15 minutes, payment was easy and secure. I quickly received a scanned copy of the certified translation which was essential in my case. I would certainly recommend Russian Translation Pros to anyone.

Dmitry - Edmonton, Canada

I have used Russian Translation Pros on several occasions for scientific reports and papers, and have found the service to be very prompt, friendly and competitively priced. I have no hesitation in using the service in the future, and would happily recommend them to others.

Doctor Abby Thompson - Reading, UK

Russian Translation Pros has been absolutely great with our translations. Quick, easy to work with, willing to work with us on pricing, on time with completion, and from what our customers say, very good translations. We were a little worries about just searching the web for a translation service, but we couldn't be happier.

Tony Lane - OLB Group, LLC., Orange County, California

The speed with which you responded was great, and the accommodations to our schedule showed a dedication to not just the our words but to our situation. There are so many options out there for translation, and we found them many to be poor to downright scam. Russian-translation-pros.com was the opposite. You reputable, reasonable in rates, professional and accurate.

The conversations you facilitated via phone and email gave of access to information whose value is beyond compare, and for that I truly thank you. We would gladly provide references for you and the firm is anyone as skeptical as I was needs assurance. Thanks again!

Leigh Abbott-Leaman - Dover, NJ

I needed translations for my daughter's school documents. We didn't have much time so I was looking for a translator who was accurate and fast. Tim replied to my emails promptly, and he did a great job. Thank you Tim.

K.D. - San Diego, CA

This company was extremely helpful and very nice to talk to. Upon me contacting them about Russian Translation of my documents and asking about prices. They quickly contacted me and talked me through step by step what their company does, Mr. Tim with the company was awesome to talk to and very helpful. Unlike the other two companies that where recommended to me by your office. One company wanted $1000.00 USD and the other one would not talk to me about the matter.

I would gladly recommend this company to any other person who is traveling to Russia and needs documents translated. Their customer service is out of this world and they are very nice people, not to mention very reasonable rates.

Jared K. Fielder - Buna, TX

I'm very happy with the phone translation that was performed as the translator was very friendly and did an excellent job. Mostly, I was impressed with their patience as I had more than a little trouble making my phone connection.

Mark Terhardt - St. Peters, MO

Russian Translation Pros is professional, polite, and FAST. I had a personal letter translated within just a few hours! Don't be afraid to contact them with any questions or concerns. They will assist you with whatever questions you may have. They are both kind and intelligent! I will definitely contact them again if I ever need something else translated.

Alex Jones - Columbus, OH

I, and our visitors were very happy with your interpreter, she translated simultaneously, had an excellent knowledge of even technical terms and altogether fine translator and a person to spend two days with, and not get bored. She also has an excellent knowledge of Chicago with much useful information for our visitors. I would definitely hire your interpreter if ever needed in the future.

Stan Milic - Domeuropa Co.Ltd., United Kingdom

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