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Russian Translation Pros will provide you with the best in the industry consecutive and simultaneous Russian English Interpretation services. We offer interpretation services to individuals, and corporate clients around the world. We have interpreters who can do both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

Our Russian Interpreters are true professional Russian Interpreters. Our Russian Interpreters have many years of experience in the interpretation field. They have at least a BA in linguistics, Interpretation, or Intercultural Communications. Russian Technical Interpreters hold professional degrees in a technical field. We understand that the knowledge of the translation or interpretation subject matters greatly in high-quality interpretation. We conduct yearly interpreter training for our Interpreters and Translators to improve their performance.

Our Russian Interpreters are available worldwide, but most of them interpret in the United States, particulary in these cities: Chicago, New-York, Boston, San-Francisco, Los-Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Seattle). Russian Interpreters are native Russian speakers, but they have lived in the United States and experienced an American culture like its their own culture.

Please, contact Russian Translations in order to set up a time and date with our Russian interpreter or for a free interpretation estimate.

Russian Translation Pros understands that the price plays a great role when considering interpretating services.

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