Russian Radio Online. Слушать Радио Онлайн.

Above you can see our current Russian Radio station line-up. By clicking on the image of a radio, you will be directed to the official website of the station. If you press the "Play" button, a new window with the radio station's player will open (if available). Currently, you can enjoy listening to 30+ radio stations broadcasting in Russia and the United States.

Please note that due to the current political situation in Russia, some radio stations have ceased their operations. For those of you located in Russia, some radio stations may not be accessible and you may need to stream them via a VPN.

We have done our best to compile a wide variety of free Russian online radio stations. We have sorted the stations into their own categories: news and talk shows, education and entertainment, rock music, shanson, pop music, classical and relaxing music, radio for kids in Russian, radio stations based in the United States.

You can also watch Russian TV on our website.