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Russian Translation Pros offers different types of free help such as free Russian to English and English to Russian translation, free cultural advice, the best compilation of tv and radio stations.

Facebook: Yes, we have our own Facebook page, where you can post your questions about Russian language, culture, and history. On our facebook page you can find funny pictures, videos, anecdotes (funny stories), sometimes you can see interesting and important news about Russia and other post Soviet republics there, too. And of course, from time to time we try to teach you (or remind you) very handy Russian words. In other words, we try to keep you informed and entertained in the best Russian manner :).

And one more thing - if you need a short sentence or a phrase translated, our native Russian speakers check for new posts on a regular basis. People visit our Facebook page when Google Translate or any other online translation software is helpless or generates a low-quality translation. For example, Russian words and phrases can be written using latin letters; if you plug in a phrase like this - privet - into an online translator, you won't be able to translate it, because the correct written form of this word should be привет, which translates as hi. Well, we can handle that weird Russian language.

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Russian phrases and words - this is a pretty good source of simple phrases in Russian, funny jokes in Russian with English translation, loving expressions for a Russian woman. We also created a simple tutorial on how to make up your own Russian love phrases.

We also have glossaries in Russian and English of insurance terms, grant proposal terms, and router terms that you can use with a reference to our website.

Russian Radio Online - you can listen to Russian radio online on this page. These are the most listened to radio stations in Russia. You can find radio stations airing Russian and European music, news, talk shows, trends in Russian society, and other interesting information about Russia. We tried to make a short summary of every station for those of you who are not sure about the names of different online radio stations.

Russian TV Online - we have combined the most popular and, most importantly, free Russian TV channels on one page. As of now we managed to arrange around 20 links to channels airing from Russia.