Russian Women Names

Here, you will find an alphabetically ordered list of popular Russian women's names, along with their translations and different forms, such as short forms and diminutive name forms in both Russian and English languages. Diminutive names are typically used to show affection, tenderness, and intimacy, and are usually reserved for close friends and family members.

There is a belief that a person's name can reveal a lot about their personality, temperament, and even their faith. Some Russian women's names can be directly translated to another language, while others have a meaning that cannot be translated. For example, the name Nadezhda means 'Hope,' the name Lubov/Lyubov means 'Love,' and the name Vera means 'Belief.' On the other hand, traditional English names like Emma cannot be translated into the Russian language.

Most Russian women names originated from Greek names.

Popular Baby Names

BOYS - In recent years, the name Alexander has consistently been at the top of the list for new baby names in Russia. The top ten male baby names include Alexander, Mikhail, Maxim, Lev, Mark, Artem, Ivan, Matvey, Dmitry, and Daniil, with some unique additions such as foreign names Robert, Daniel, Marcel, Theodore, and Leo.

GIRLS - Among popular female names are Sofia (Sofya), Maria, Anna, Alice, Victoria, Eva, Polina, Alexandra, Vasilisa, and Barbara. The names Miroslava, Yesenia, and Miya have also become popular among girls. Unusual names among girls are quite diverse. Some parents have named their baby girls Olivia. Other unusual names include Aurora, Zlata, Athena, Mila, and Agnia.

Current Russian baby name trends

It's not a secret that more and more newly-became parents are naming their babies using Old Slavic names. For boys, these include Tikhon, Seraphim, Nikon, Prokhor, and Nestor, while for girls, they include Miroslava, Yaroslava, Bogdana, Vladislava, Darina, Rostislava, and Yaromila.

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